Madre terra (Mother Earth)


It was not an easy challenge that we launched him, making a concept, a memory three-dimensional; but his strong creative energy – poised between art, craftsmanship, contemporary artistic gesture – allowed him to pass the test and create “powerful” sculptures that the public will find exhibited at the Loggia del Buontalenti in the Garden of Palazzo Corsini from 16 to 19 May 2019 and for which we hope you will be able to donate generous amounts.

The MADRE / TERRA project is made up of ten unique numbered pieces – a large monumental installation and 100 small multiples – which transform the idea of ​​Russian matryoshka folk into concentric terrestrial globes in which the “geological eras” are represented from materials that can actually be found in Siberian mines: gold, malachite, diamonds, hard coal, gas …

These spheres are made with building materials; on the outside, the surface is attributable to the earth’s crust and at times there are linear and smooth areas – attributable to malachite, ferrous black, gold, lava stone and will be made externally luminous by the use of gold leaf.

At a different point each time, a crack can be traced through which you can see the various “geological layers” up to the internal vision of the smaller sphere: the core.

The idea also wants to underline the relationship between the Mother and the Earth. Mother Nature. Mother Russia.

Giorgiana Corsini and Neri Torrigiani