Interview to Simafra on Firenze Magazine

Here the text of the interview by the journalist Alessandro Lucarelli to Simafra, published on Firenze – Made in Tuscany magazine (n.29, 20014).

“Free to be Myself”

Close you eyes. Your first memory related to art?
The decorations of the Egyptian tombs. I discovered them when I was little, thanks to my father, an art lover.
An artist who has particularly influenced you and why?
Afro Basaldella, for the great colour poem that his works convey.
The work of art that you could live inside.
A paintinig by Burri. I’m attracted to the richness he can express with simple materials: the material component speaks, his paintings are listening pieces that you can’t see, but can hear.
Your greatest satisfactin, personal and professional.
Being able to realiza my dream alone. Professional, an encounter with an elderly lady who fell in love with my paintings, and did everything she could to be able to buy one. Of all of them, the birth of my son, Martino.
One thing learned from the art, one from love, one from an old enemy.
Art is teaching me not to be afraid, and to feel free. From love, I’ve learned simplicity and from a beloved enemy, constancy in my work.
Places in Florence that give you inspiration.
The walls of the old town: all their passageways tell a thousand stories. To those who know how to listen.
Your personal definition of happiness.
A good glass of red wine to enjoy with my girlfrend, surrounded by nature’s greenery. Everything that I’m so lucky to have now.


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